INTELEC ® Fellowship

The INTELEC Technical Committee of PELS sponsors the IEEE Joseph John Suozzi INTELEC ® Fellowship Award in Power Electronics. This fellowship is named in honor of the late Dr. Joseph J. Suozzi, a founder and long-time leader of INTELEC . This grant of $15,000 is made annually to an electrical engineering graduate student studying in an area of power electronics applicable to communications systems. The award is made on the basis of merit of a proposed project or study area deemed progressive and directly relevant to communications energy systems.

This fellowship is international and is therefore open to electrical engineering graduate students in all countries. It is a one-time grant to an individual and is not renewable.

Interested electrical engineering graduate students must submit:

The above information must be lodged by March 31 in the year of consideration.

Applications must be submitted using the the IEEE Society Awards Application System. The system opens on 1 January each year.

Please select here to submit your application.

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